Confessing Your ill

Naughtiness cannot be allowed
to go uncorrected!
If you have been naughty then you need to come and see me and confess what you have done.

Confess your ill deeds to Mistress Yvonne

Only then can I devise a suitable correction for you. I will then administer your correction using my considerable set of apparatus before consoling you with a relieving massage.

You know this will make you a better person! 

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Your Correction

Your correction will be
comensurate with your level of  naughtiness. As your Mistress, I may include both punishment and acts of contrition you will need to undertake. It is, of course, all done with your best interests at heart.

We will thrash out a suitable correction for you

I will consider any mitigating circumstances you present, and how easily you confess the full extent of your ill deeds. I will also consider your opinion of a suitable correction if you wish to present one.  

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My Apparatus

I have an extensive set of
apparatus to use during your correction. Of course, if you have presented a correction which is acceptable to me and this requires any special apparatus, be sure to bring it with you.

The apparatus I will use in your correction

My apparatus set includes:
A short whip
A riding crop
A leather flogger
A School Mistress's Cane
Padels of various sizes
Clothes pegs and bulldog clips to attach to you and leave until I wish to remove them.
And a chain mail glove I wear to massage certain parts.

All so you may enjoy the pleasure they deliver to you!

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Consoling You

Once you have confessed
and received your correction I will console you so you can recover and reflect on your future actions.

After yout correction I will give you a soothing massage and happy ending

To console you I will give you a soothing massage covering every inch of your body. If needed, I will stiffen your resolve and then relieve pent up stresses preparing you to return to the world a better person.

Book your confession session now!  

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