Autumn phases
into Winter

Autumn slips
into winter so quickly.
Soon Jack Frost's icy fingers will be curling around your body!

Wouldn't it be better to have my warm fingers curling around you instead?

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A log fire burns away is a grate

My warm, safe massage room is waiting for you. I'll soothe your muscles, take away your stress, and relieve that pent up inner tension with my marvellous hands.
You'll leave with that inner warmth and a smile... 

And, see below, I have a new 'partner in crime', so can offer you a remarkable two lady, four handed massage experience.

Don't deny your body and sole what it needs!
Call now and let this story have a happy ending. 

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Lily's dark skinned hands massage a man's buttocks

Look at those beautiful hands!

And do remember, that my two handed or four handed massage are not restricted to individuals. You can come with your partner to enjoy a wonderful couples experience. If you wish you can help me massage your partner and watch their delight! 
 More details here.

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The cold of winter does not seem to stop some of you being naughty. You know who you are! Be assured that cold weather makes NO DIFFERENCE.
Naughtiness must be corrected.

 You know what is required
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Pictures of Lily

A row of lily flowers open in succession

I'm delighted to introduce you
to the lovely Lily! 
Lily now joins me to provide my four-handed massages.   We can greet you in suitable costumes, sexy lingerie or naked as nature intended.

During in a two lady, four handed massage, mutual massage may be possible with Lily, by prior arrangement and at an extra cost - price on application.

A delightful lady, Lily, sits on a massage table in very sexy lingerie and stockings

Lily just can't wait to get her hands all over you!

If you want to experience our four hands sliding over every inch of your body Book now!  

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Naughtiness HAS
to be Corrected

Just because it is cold does not
mean your naughtiness can go uncorrected.
Be honest, you know this is a fact.

I'm here to help you atone for your naughtiness.

I will hear you state how you have been naughty, devise and then deliver a suitable correction so you may face the world again. 

See my Mistress Services HERE

I'll console you with a soothing massage after your correction

A thrashing with my crop will warm your derriere.

My mistress services don't stop with correction.  Afterwards I will console you with a stimulating, all over massage. You will then be ready to leave with a smile on your face, and positivity in your step.
You know you must do this, so don't procratinate.
Make a booking now!
See you soon...

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New To This?

From questions
I'm sent or asked on the phone,
I know a number of you want to experience sensual naturist massage but are concerned about some aspect. 

Here I'll address some of the common questions. 

"I'm worried I won't be able to resist touching you, is that a problem?"
I understand how intense the feelings can be with sensual massage, and you may touch me provided it is gentle, respectful and follows my guidance.

"I will become aroused with a lady (or two) touching my body. Can you handle this?" I'm certain that will not be a problem, and it will taken in hand...

Place your body in my hands and relax

"Do you do sensual massage on ladies?"
Yes! All my massages and treatments are available to ladies as well as gentlemen, and where appropriate couples.

So come along, and I will do my upmost to make you feel comfortable.

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And if you are thinking of my  correction services, be assured you can explain your limits and I will work within them. (Unless you've been very naughty - LOL)  

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