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My Journal

My seasonal journal gives a more intimate insight to my naturist life!

It's Christmas! 

"So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun!"  So sang Slade, the rock group from Wolverhampton - just down the road from Dudley where I was born.  We certainly have had fun this year with a holiday at 'Le Cap' in the summer.  We just love that place with its full acceptance of the naturist life.  If you haven't been then you MUST!

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Some snaps from Le Cap

And we enjoyed the unusually hot English summer as well, having a few BBQs with our naturist friends. I even managed to get my webmaster to get his kit off - ohhh!

Coming back to the festive season, remember it's not too late to get the relief you need before Christmas, or into the New Year - make a booking now?

Sensual four handed massage with a Happy Christmas ending!
Sandra and I, Sandra joins me for 4 handed massages

Christmas Massages!

Why not give yourself the present you deserve and come for a Sensual Naturist Massage with me?  Or if you are couple come for our Couples Experience massage! (£120)
I can offer:
A 1 hour massage with Alan or myself for £85, £95 for 1.5 hours.
Four handed massage with Alan and myself, 1.5 hours for £120

A very special two lady massage with our friend Sandra - please phone to arrange.
Offers last until the end of January.

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Sandra and I cannot wait to get our hands on your body! 

All these massages can be Sensual Naturist, lingerie or 'Mummy Christmas'.  Other dress options are available, please ask when you book.

Make your BOOKING NOW!  

Wondering what happens in my massage session?
See here.

Are you on Santa's naughty list? 

Then you must have been bad!  But even bad people deserve something special at Christmas.  I can add a special treat for you if you wish...

Naughty boy's toys

Swish, freeze, wrap, crop! Merry Christmas!

Swap a Link?
 If you have something of interest to the Naturist world and are willing to swap links with me then I can add it to my Links page - just use the contact form to get in touch.

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Do you like my Christmas baubles?

All our massages can include an explosive ending! 

Be assured, that while waiting for you to arrive for your appointment I will be warming my hands on our log fire - to make sure they are ready to glide over every inch of your naked body!

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Merry Christmas
Yvonne  xxx

Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey

Touch and go!

I'll relase all your stress during my sensual naturiist massage in Surrey
Ladies, don't let the boys have all the fun!  Book a sensual massage with us
Couples - book you and your partner in for a sensual experience you'll want to repeat
Sensual Naturist Massage near Wimbledon
Be smooth to look at and touch - book a waxing treatment with me
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