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My Journal

My seasonal journal gives a more intimate insight to my naturist life!

Spring into Summer 

Tempus fugit!  Suddenly we are well into spring and summer is just around the corner. Nature has woken up and the sap is rising all around us. And what a lovely Easter, so warm in the UK.  The sun was on my naked body, the prosecco was chilled and fun was had by all.  I hope you enjoyed it all too.

Now is certainly the time to think of a spring massage to flush the winter out of your body, rejuvenate you for summer and make sure your sap is rising as well.

Make an appointment and feel my expert touch melt unwanted stiffness from your body then raise you to new levels and ensure you leave with a smile on your face and spring in your step. 

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Special Offer on our 4 handed massages

e have some special treats or spring!
We are offering a 1.25 hr FOUR HANDED massage with Alan and I for just £130. So really treat yourself! A four handed massage is way more than twice as good as two handed massage. Your mind just can't keep track of where on your body FOUR hands are, which way they are moving and what they are doing. So after a short while it gives up trying and you just relax into the enjoyment of human touch.

And for COUPLES we are offering 1.75 hour massage with Alan and I for just £120.  The time can be divided between the two of you as you wish.

Make your booking now!

We also offer female/female session where my good naturist friend Sandra joins me. Contact us for details.

Sensual four handed massage with a Happy Christmas ending!
Sandra joins me for 4 handed massages

Looking Forward to ...
Summer! We'll be off to our favourite places in France again this summer to enjoy the freedom of naturism, and the pleasure of being with like minded people. 

Four handed massages can include respectful mutual touching

There's the prosecco I was talking about! 

BBQs! We love having a naturist barbie in our secluded garden and having a few friends to come around and join in the fun. 

Four handed massages can include respectful mutual touching

Have you been Naughty?
If you have then you need to tell me! Then I can include a little mild correction in your massage if that is what is needed. Please understand I do mean mild.  

Naughty boy's toys

Naughty? Swish, freeze, wrap, crop!

 With summer on the way you need to think about preparing all round you body for the outdoors! I offer intimate waxing to ladies and gentlemen. If you want this treatment then just ask when making a booking using my contact form 

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If you want to be a smoothie...

Nurse will see YOU NOW!
In addition to lingerie I have a few costumes that you might like me to greet you in.  Just let me know 'wink wink'... 

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Yvonne  xxx

Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey

Touch and go!

I'll relase all your stress during my sensual naturiist massage in Surrey
Ladies, don't let the boys have all the fun!  Book a sensual massage with us
Couples - book you and your partner in for a sensual experience you'll want to repeat
Sensual Naturist Massage near Wimbledon
Be smooth to look at and touch - book a waxing treatment with me
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