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Other Therapies

I offer a number of other therapies as shown on this page. If you are interested in any of these please contact me for further details, availability and prices. 

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Indian Head Massage
A relaxing and de-stressing massage, which concentrates on the upper back, shoulders, arms and hands, neck, scalp and face. Including marma point pressures and chakra balancing, which help to relax tense areas and rebalance the body's energies by releasing any areas of negativity or stress.

Holistic Massage
This massage combines pre-blended essential oils with a deeply relaxing and soothing massage on the whole body, starting on the back and concluding with the face and scalp. Alternatively a shorter treatment can be carried out on the back, shoulders and chest. A number of ailments can be eased through this treatment, as well as thoroughly relaxing and recharging the system. My 1 hour Holistic Massage is £85. (This is a non naturist therapy)

Hot Stone Massage
Choose either a Relaxing or Deep Tissue Advanced Massage. The Stones used are Basalt, formed from the lava of an erupting volcano. They are excellent at absorbing and retaining heat and have a wonderfully soothing and therapeutic action.
Even following a rigorous deep massage the warmth and energy from the stones will leave you mentally and physically relaxed. Basalt has been exposed to all of the elements so contain much of the earth's energy. This vibrational energy then works with the aura and chakra system during a treatment. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue and joints.. Connective tissues - ligaments and tendons - are relaxed and so become more supple.

Pamper Parties
Coffee mornings with a difference, or a girlie evening at home with a glass or two of wine. Why not get pampered by a fully qualified therapist with either a manicure; pedicure; leg and foot massage which will help to improve circulation, or a seated back massage which targets tired muscles, and helps to alleviate deep rooted knots and tension points, especially in the neck and shoulder areas.

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