Holistic Naturist Massage

This massage combines
pre-blended essential oils with a deeply relaxing and soothing massage on the whole body, starting with the back and concluding with face and scalp. Alternatively, a shorter treatment can be carried out on the back, shoulders and chest. A number of ailments can be eased through this treatment, as well as thoroughly relaxing and recharging the system. 

Holistic Naturist Massage - a whole body treatment where we are both naked

The whole treatment uses the same pressure, in a slow and rhythmic motion. The pressure can be light or firm, depending on requirements. The massage also involves using energy points of the body - chakras, meridians and Acupressure points. This stimulates a deep relaxtion and helps stimulate the lymphatic system, flushing toxins and cleansing the entire body.

We will both be unclothed throughout the session. There is no sensual element in this massage.
My 1 hour Holistic Naturist Massage is £85

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Sensual Naturist

My Sensual Naturist Massage
is my 'Flagship' therapy. I will use all my skills as a masseuse to relax you, make you feel comfortable and release that stress that is locked in your body. I will then use a combination of sensory stimulations to delight your senses and create a feeling of euphoria.

Sensual massage with a happy ending for men

We will both be without clothes throughout the session and within limits you will be able to touch me to complete your sensory delight. It will be a truly delightful experience for you, deeply relaxing and highly stimulating at the same time. You will be smiling when you leave!

My 1 hour Sensual Naturist Massage is from £100 for 90 minutes. 


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Four Handed

All my massages can be
 given in a four handed format. This includes the sensual naturist massage and couples massages. Either Alan or one of my fellow lady masseuse will join me, depending on your preference.  
Four handed massage is a very special experience as the mind gives up trying to follow the movement of four hands on your body, and you slip into a state of deep relaxation.
Everyone who enjoys massage should try four handed!

two naked women and you! Double the relief

For those that enjoy massage by a man and woman, Alan will join me. If you have booked a Naturist Massage we will all be nude. The same Sensual Naturist Massage conditions apply, but do act on any guidance we give you. The massage lasts 1.25 hours and is from £130.

For those that prefer two ladies four handed massage, we can offer this by prior arrangement. If you have booked a naturist massage we will all be nude, If you have booked a Sensual Naturist Massage then respectful touching is allowed provided you follow our guidance. Please call for details and prices. A deposit will need to be paid at time of booking.


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Costumes & Correction

If wearing a costume or
lingerie while I massage you will complete your experience, please discuss this when making your booking.  I have a number of costumes, including corsets and a nurse's uniform. There will be an extra charge for costumes.

I also have lingerie and a Mistress outfit

If you need correction before enjoying the sensual elements of your massage then let me know. Maybe a brush with my flogger? Or hearing the swish it makes before the sting on your skin? I'm sure I can accommodate your needs. More details HERE  

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