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Surrey, UK  07515 262 907

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I follow a Naturist life style whenever possible.
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Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Massuese

mutual nudity during sensual massages

Alan and I out for a drive

I have a variety of ways of sensuory stimulation

The touch of my chain mail glove ....

Feel my hands brush over inch ...

I will massage your feet before ....

Four handed sensual massage will take you to new heights

Two nude ladies four handed massage for ladies and gentlemen!....

Respectful touching is include in sensual massages

I love to sunbathe in my garden! 

A happy ending can be included

I won't miss out an inch of your body.  Gluts included!

Your partner can join in massaging you in my couples massage

A little hallowe'en fun!

Four handed Massages are available!

My 'helper' for four handed, two ladies massage

Intimate waxing is available for men and women

Perfectly waxed don't you think?

A lacy little number!  But everything will be off by the time my massage finishes

A lacy little number!  And do you like my chair?

Don't worry if you are stiff, I'll sort it out

Relaxing your back so you'll be all ready for the stimulating part of your massage!

Yvonne  xxx

Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey

Touch and go!