Please arrive at the time
of your appointment.  If you are early, please wait somewhere. If you are going to be late, please let me know. There is usually ample parking on the road nearby. Alternatively you can travel to Claygate Railway station and use a taxi from the rank to bring you to the address I will give you.

My sensual massage includes a penis and scrotum massage you will never forget

You will enjoy the session more if you haven't drunk too much alcohol before arrival.
If you wish to bring a gift for me, then chocolates, flowers or a nice, dry prosecco is most welcome! 

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My dedicated massage room
is on the first floor so you will have to go up one flight of stairs. The bathroom is also on the same level.
I prefer if you shower before your session. You are at liberty to shower again at the end, or alternatively just let the oils soak into your skin. Showering is not part of the time for your therapy.

Yvonne's massage will make you cum!

Some gentlemen are concerned about having an erection during the massage. Be assured this is not a problem...  

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Your Massage

For your massage session
we will be together in my massage room. I can adjust the lighting to your taste and can play any type of music you require. Please bring CDs if you have unique tastes! I would recommend relaxing music to complete your experience. Massage therapies are given on a professional massage table. Please note that my husband is always in the house while I'm giving therapies.
Don't forget, we also offer delightful Four-Handed massages. 

You will be naked while Yvonne massages you

If you have booked a naturist therapy we will both be without clothes throughout the session.
If you have booked a sensual naturist massage, you may touch me provided it is gentle and respectful. Please respect my limits and follow any guidance I give you.
This applies to four handed massages as well. Make a booking now!

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After Your Massage

Sadly, even the most
delightful experiences come to an end!
When your session is finished, I will leave you to relax and collect your senses. You then are able to take a shower and prepare to depart.

Mild BDSM with Sensual Naturist Massage near Wimbledon

Payment should be made in cash at the start of your session. Please do not try to negotiate, my prices are very reasonable for the service you receive.  

And finally
Enjoy yourself!!

Make your Booking now

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