Privacy Policy

When you contact me
by phone or the form on
my website, I may store your details
on my smartphone, tablet or PC so I can handle your booking or enquiry. This policy describes how that data is handled.  
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Sensual naturist massage with a happy ending

I will only ever store details that you send to me.
If you phone me, then my phone will record your number. If you become a client, I will store your name and number in the contacts on my phone. If you decide to no longer use my services, then please contact me to say so and I will delete your contact details.

If you complete my website contact form and submit it, the content of the form is sent to me as an email and will be recorded in my email service. Only the details you complete on the form will be sent.  This includes a name of your choice, the email address or phone number you fill in and your IP address.

When enabled, my site uses Statcounter to count visitors and page loads. Statcounter will record your IP address, and a high level location. Statcounter deletes these record depending on usage. Your record will usually be deleted within three days. 
For details of Statcounter please see their website.

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Naturist Massage

I offer naturist massages to men,
women and couples. I'm based in North Surrey, so am convenient for people living or visiting South West London and Surrey. 

Your gluts are included!

My Sensual Naturist Massage can include hand relief if you wish and also includes respectful mutual touching to complete your expereince.
See all the details HERE  

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I offer Mistress/correction
services for naughty people. Maybe you need to feel my flogger being applied to buttocks, or maybe you need to hear the swish of my School Mistress's Cane? 
Or something more? Whatever is needed to atone for your misdeeds.

You will be totally relieved by the happy ending to my massage

See details of my Mistress and correction services HERE.
I'm sure we can thrash something out!!!

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Waxing and
Other Treatments

In addition to sensual naturist
massages, I offer waxing treatments for men and women, Indian head massage, holistic (non naturist) massage and hot stone massages. Details are HERE

Mild BDSM with Sensual Naturist Massage near Wimbledon

I have a wardrobe of costumes if you prefer me to dress especially for you, and will happily provide correction to naughty boys and girls.  

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