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Surrey, UK  07515 262 907

What to expect ...

Here is further information to make your visit to me worry free and to set your expectations.

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Please arrive on time. If you are early please wait. If you are going to be late please let me know. There is usually ample parking on the road nearby. Alternatively I can arrange for you to be collected from Claygate Station.

What is my coat covering up?

My dedicated massage room is on the first floor so you will have to go up one flight of stairs. The bathroom is also on this same level. I prefer if you shower before your session. You are at libery to shower again at the end, or alternatively just let the oils soak in to your skin. Showering is not part of the time for your therapy.

Your Massage Session
For your massage session we will be together in my massage room. I can adjust the lighting to your taste and can play any type of music you require. Please bring CDs if you have unique tastes! I would recommend relaxing music to complete your experience. Massage therapies are given on a professional massage table. Please note that my husband is always in the house while I'm giving therapies.

If you have booked a Naturist therapy we will both be without clothes through out the session. If you have booked a Sensual Naturist Massage you may touch me provided it is gentle and respectful. Please respect my limits and follow any guidance I give you.

With my bronze sculpture in the garden

End of Your Session
Sadly even the most delightful experiences come to an end! When your session is finished I will leave you on the massage table to relax and collect your senses. You will then be able to take a shower and prepare to depart.

Payment should made at the start of the session. I can only accept payment in cash so please come prepared for that. My prices are very reasonable so please do not try to negotiate payment.

And Finally
Enjoy yourself! 

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Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey

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