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Four Handed  Massages

All my massages can be given in a four handed format.  Specifically my Naturist Massage, Sensual Naturist Massage and Holistic (non Naturist) Massage.  And of course a Couples Massage can be four handed as well.
Alan joins me for the four handed massage. 

Four Handed Massage is a very special experience as the mind gives up trying to follow the movement of four hands on your body, and you slip into a state of deep relaxation.  Every one who enjoys any sort of massage should try it!

Please let me know which style you prefer when booking.

Two Ladies massaging all over your body

Four Handed with Alan and I
For those who enjoy massage by a man and woman Alan will join me to provided the four handed option.  If you have booked a Naturist Massage then we will all be nude.  The same Sensual Naturist Massage conditions apply but do act on any guidance we give you.   The massage lasts 1.25 hours and is from £130.

Two Ladies Four Handed  Massage
Occasionaly my friend Sandra is able to join me for a two ladies four handed massage.  If you have booked a Naturist Massage all three, or four if it's a Couples Massage, of us will be nude.
If you have booked the Sensual Naturist Massage then respectful touching is allowed provided you follow our guidance. Please call me for details and prices. A deposit will need to be paid at the time of booking.  
By the end of your massage you will be twice as happy! 

Wondering what happens in my massage session?
See here.

Male / Female four Handed Massage Option
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Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey

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